What are Partner Program Enablement Tools?

Partner Programs provides competitive, themed partner enablement campaign tools that combine sales, entertainment and rewards to incentivize teams to increase revenue and to build a wider portfolio of customers.
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Who we serve...

Organizations that want to Accelerate overall business growth through Sales Enablement,
Team-Building, Incentives and Gamification. 




Turn-Key Sales Enablement
Ready, Set, Go!

While focusing on leading indicators for success, the Partner Programs sales enablement tools help combine training, certification, lead generation and incentives to ensure your teams can build profitable practices.

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How Can Enablement Programs Help?

Enablement is the strategic, ongoing process of providing your organization with the information, content and tools needed to effectively sell its products and services.

How does Enablement
help you?

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  • Expands operational capacity without adding people
  • Increases revenue and IT provider transactions
  • Provides incremental NGP (Net Gross Profit) and contribution margin (ex. for every $100 spent, your group gets a portion instead of $0)
  • Grows customer/partner sales
  • Attracts and retains SMBs (Small/Medium Business Customers)
  • Improves vendor and customer satisfaction and loyalty

How does Enablement
help your customer?

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  • Increases their revenue through more effective selling
  • Provides them one place to access the most relevant certifications, training, demos, and more from multiple vendors
  • Aligns technical, marketing, and sales teams via shared education and resources
  • Incentivizes their sales team with exciting prizes and recognition
  • Grows their line card/expands services

How does Enablement
help your vendors?

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  • Generates new revenue and significant ROI
  • Increases growth of SMBs (Small/Medium Business Customers)
  • Educates customers/partners to sell your products and solutions effectively
  • Provides consistency in messaging to customers
  • Customizable to match business goals
  • Keeps customers engaged through active participation in competition




What Does Partner Programs Provide Sales Teams and Campaign Managers?

Our comprehensive platform guides the competing Teams to complete milestone goals and tasks based on business activity. Each time a deal is registered, a sale is made, or a milestone task/activity is completed, points will be added to the team's overall score, which improves their position in the race or competition.

  • Mobile Friendly Access to Registered Deals, uploadable Supporting Documents and login capability to record the completion of all Milestones
  • Team Leaderboards with a Real-Time view of relative standings along w/ helpful campaign information and notes
  • Motivating Milestone completion and Task Indicators
  • Milestone Import & Management Tools
  • Multiple Language Support (per campaign)
  • Quick Access to Team Resources
  • Automatic Team & Marketing Manager Notifications
  • Manager Program Cadence Tools (checklists, reminders, email tools, status panels, and more)
  • Campaign Branding Tools
  • Easy-Login Link & SSO Options
  • Campaign Data Archives, Reporting & Data Exports
  • and much more...
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Managing Channel Partners

The Partner Programs platform supports any number of Channel Partners and concurrent programs. Programs can be set up quickly and run reliably to bring Entertainment and Gamification elements to your enablement programs.

  • Partner-Specific Branding/Theme and Interface Language Settings
  • Easy Setup Campaign Management Tools and Registration Services
  • Program Manager Dashboards help you monitor each Program's Life Cycle
  • Built-in Team Registration Pages
  • Built-in Campaign Manager Task Cadence Tools
  • Organized and Comprehensive Competition theme structure to quickly Review, Approve and Reject items that have been submitted by participating Teams
  • Data History, Summary Reports and Activity Logs
  • Compare Campaigns over time to determine levels of effectiveness, strongest engagement metrics and compatibility
  • Executive Dashboard showing all data across all active Partners
  • Time Saving Automation: Automatic Document Review Notifications, Automatic Milestone Reminders, Automatic Milestone Confirmations, and more

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Protecting Your Data

Security is crucial to any online system. These certifications are critical when it comes to protecting your customer's data and the reputation of your business and ours.

  • SSAE Network Center Security Certified
  • NIST-800 Government/Approved
  • Data Backups and Archives
  • Server Redundancy
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Who we serve...

Organizations that want to Accelerate overall business growth through Enablement, Team-Building, Incentives and Gamification.